Can I tell you this without getting too emotional?

I think it's okay to tell you anything.  
But sometimes either:

A personal-ly thing happens and I'm not sure how many of those to share.
A busines-sy thing happens and I'm not sure how much of those to share.

I try to keep this to my thoughts on things.
But what happens when I have no thoughts
because I have too many things?

I'm checking my email right now as any person does.
One of my emails is from the guy who created the tv show called Boardwalk Empire,
and…Read more

A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius. 

That's a book I read once, what a title.
I was drawn to the audacity of it, and it held up pretty well.

I'd like to point you towards a heartbreaking work, of genius of some sort.

An old friend, occasional nemesis, made an album called Fuck Work.
He recorded nearly every instrument himself, with occasional guests.
It reminds me of everything I love about a great Weezer song.

you can listen here for free:

I haven't spoken to him or heard from him in years, we…Read more

The Saddle. 

I'm back in it.
The saddle, that is.

It feels really good, I went almost two whole weeks without seeing Lloyd, usually I don't go more than two waking hours.

We chose a couple matchups to start writing, lined up two very special guests returning, found some great beats to start writing with.
Now we just crank, and keep cranking until the 6th rap battle is uploaded.

It's a strange process for me, because it just never stops.
Not in a bad way, not in a good way, it's just how it is.
There is always something to do…Read more

Dr House 

Dr House used to be one of the most popular suggestions for ERB.
I never got it.
Truth is I never really watched the show.   I tried once, I must have not been in the right mood,
because a week or two ago, I tried again and..

I get it now.
That show is amazing from every angle.  The way it's made, the effect it has on me when I watch it,
the predictability of the stories that still manage to be exciting every time.

Oh look, he's having a seizure 35 minutes in... whatever will happen?

And that character, oh sweet…Read more

Rapping with Spongebob Squarepants 

It's always interesting to see how other people work.
It makes everything real, somehow.

When we went to visit the Spongebob Squarepants office the first time, it was an impressive office, full of bright colored weird things all over the walls.
Lots of people were milling about, being professional, a receptionist asked what kind of bottled water we preferred, that level.

But when we actually sat down to talk with the director and producer, it didn't feel like something alien.
It felt like a small group of dudes…Read more

I found this on laptop, must have written it last summer. 

Below, is some sort of journal entry I wrote during our tour this summer.
I honestly don't remember why I wrote it, or even writing it, but it made me feel good to read, so I figured I'd share it with you.


So far we've played 20 shows across the USA, and each night has been one of the best of my life.  

We have audience volunteers come up to rap against me onstage, each of us taking a different character from one of the rap…

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Working on Sundays. 

I think someone smart said Sundays are for resting.
I don't remember his name, something with a "G"

Sundays, to me, are much better spent doing something.
Right now I am by myself in an editing room with zero people, zero distractions (unless you count this) and absolutely nothing between me and getting something done.

I like that feeling.

The thing I want to get done is a new episode of ERB news.  
They are fun to make.
I like writing scripts with Lloyd's ridiculous Teddy Roosevelt voice in my mind, it may be my…Read more

A Ghostbusters porno. 

I got a 3D television.

It was inspired by a visit to KassemG's house, where I watched a horror film in 3D.

I had never been particularly charmed by the idea of a big fancy TV, in fact I was proud of once owning no-television-at-all for a good 6 year chunk of my 20's.
But on that fateful afternoon, I was won over.
The image was so bright and big and 3 dimensional chainsaws were flying at my face, it was a glorious experience.

I went home and tried to watch a movie on my little TV, and it felt like I was on an…Read more

What is it, Thursday? 

It is.
It is Thursday.
I know because the gardener comes on Thursdays.   

I have a gardener.
If you don't live in Los Angeles I'm sure that sounds more like a big deal than it is.
Almost everyone in Los Angeles has a gardener, they usually come with the apartment.
Even when I was living in a tiny two bedroom apartment with 4 people, sharing one bathroom, and stealing internet from our neighbor because we couldn't afford it ourselves, which I don't feel great about but what can you do?  Even then, I had a…Read more