What is it, Thursday?

It is.
It is Thursday.
I know because the gardener comes on Thursdays.   

I have a gardener.
If you don't live in Los Angeles I'm sure that sounds more like a big deal than it is.
Almost everyone in Los Angeles has a gardener, they usually come with the apartment.
Even when I was living in a tiny two bedroom apartment with 4 people, sharing one bathroom, and stealing internet from our neighbor because we couldn't afford it ourselves, which I don't feel great about but what can you do?  Even then, I had a gardener.

It's just one of those LA things, like New Jersey has gas pumpers.
Did you know you can't pump your own gas in New Jersey?
It always freaks me out.
You get out of your car to pump gas as you're driving through New Jersey, and a man comes out to yell at you.

"No pump! We pump!"

We pump.

I like the way some words look, and sound together.  They become more than just the words, they become some other silly little thing.  Some phrase, or magic spell, or song lyric.   I really love words.

Words are perhaps the most powerful thing we have, they can start fights, start love affairs, end wars, end love affairs.
And they can start blogs.  Welcome to the start of mine.