Can I tell you this without getting too emotional?

I think it's okay to tell you anything.  
But sometimes either:

A personal-ly thing happens and I'm not sure how many of those to share.
A busines-sy thing happens and I'm not sure how much of those to share.

I try to keep this to my thoughts on things.
But what happens when I have no thoughts
because I have too many things?

I'm checking my email right now as any person does.
One of my emails is from the guy who created the tv show called Boardwalk Empire,
and before that he was the head writer of the Sopranos for a gazillion years.

I met him at an Emmy's thing.

Me and Lloyd have a friend in the Emmy's.

I didn't know the Emmy's were a thing you could have friends in either.

They are run by a group called the Television Academy.
They're cool.

Our friend invited me and Lloyd to present a digital award with Harley from Epic Meal Time,
It wasn't on TV, but there were fancy suits.

So we wore fancy suits.

Lloyd and Harley were amazing together, which they always are.
Sometimes at those things I just want to watch them.
Harley is amazingly sweet and amazingly intense in real life.

Our Emmys friend later invited me to speak on a panel.
HIs name is Seth.

I sat next to a head of programming at Amazon, and next to him was the dude who wrote The Sopranos.

His name is Terry.
We talked for a second and he was cool but he had no idea who I was.
That was fine, I was happy for that.
Then Seth said "he makes the Epic Rap Battles of History"
and Terry went,
"ohhhh...mann... I love those.  Yoooooouuuu've got no idea what you're messing with here boyyyyyyyy"

He said it was great writing.

I said:

The opportunity of the internet to reach someone so directly is the greatest thing that ever happened to art in my lifetime.

I have no idea how to say thank you, to you who is reading this. 

Thank you for interested enough in something that I make,
that it becomes interesting enough to make someone else,
who makes things that are at the highest levels of interesting to notice it at all.

He told me about an old show called "Meeting of Minds" from the 70's.
Check it out: