Dr House

Dr House used to be one of the most popular suggestions for ERB.
I never got it.
Truth is I never really watched the show.   I tried once, I must have not been in the right mood,
because a week or two ago, I tried again and..

I get it now.
That show is amazing from every angle.  The way it's made, the effect it has on me when I watch it,
the predictability of the stories that still manage to be exciting every time.

Oh look, he's having a seizure 35 minutes in... whatever will happen?

And that character, oh sweet lord that character of Gregory House.
I think it's probably too late to bring him into an ERB now, it just would seem to come out of left field,
and I don't carry many regrets about characters we have or haven't done, we've usually tried to do everything we get excited about,
but I do wish I could have known earlier, how incredible that character is.

It would have been quite a challenge to turn him into a rapper, but I like those challenges.
And the things he could get away with saying, and the idea that an emergency could happen in the middle of the battle the opponent could go into cardiac arrest or something, would just be amazing.

Like I said, I don't think it's going to happen, so if you always suggested it please don't get excited, but please do accept this:
You were right, I was wrong, and it's very un-Dr House of me to admit it.