I found this on laptop, must have written it last summer.

Below, is some sort of journal entry I wrote during our tour this summer.
I honestly don't remember why I wrote it, or even writing it, but it made me feel good to read, so I figured I'd share it with you.


So far we've played 20 shows across the USA, and each night has been one of the best of my life.  

We have audience volunteers come up to rap against me onstage, each of us taking a different character from one of the rap battle videos and giving it all we've got.  

Some of the audience volunteers have nailed their performance so hard I am undeniably defeated.

When mistakes  and accidents happen, which they inevitably do, the audience has our back, and they become as much a part of the show as any meticulously rehearsed song.

The whole point of this tour is to get out and meet the people who have made my Youtube career possible.  This year I met Barack Obama at the White House, I did a rap song with Weird Al, and we crossed 10 million subscribers on Youtube, none of that would have ever been possible without individual fans who have helped me get here.  

We make it a special point to have a meet and greet after every show, if anyone wants a picture, an autograph, or just to say hi for a minute, it's important to me to make it happen.

The show breaks down into 4 parts, I get up with a guitar and Dante on drums, and we play the rock and roll songs that got my Youtube channel started, we play some softer songs that have kept me grounded when things got crazy, then we get crazy with Epic Rap Battles performed with audience members.  Along the way, whatever happens gets worked into the show, if someone is wearing a giant bear on their tshirt in the front row, it's hard for me not to notice, and once it's on my mind, it's hard for me to keep from singing a whole new song about it.   That's probably my favorite part of the live shows, each one is different, each one is about that moment and that city and that crowd, and each one is real.