A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius.

That's a book I read once, what a title.
I was drawn to the audacity of it, and it held up pretty well.

I'd like to point you towards a heartbreaking work, of genius of some sort.

An old friend, occasional nemesis, made an album called Fuck Work.
He recorded nearly every instrument himself, with occasional guests.
It reminds me of everything I love about a great Weezer song.

you can listen here for free:

I haven't spoken to him or heard from him in years, we never got very close, I just admired his work from an arm's length.
I have no idea what he's up to now, he made this album years ago, and we fell out of touch.
My ex-ex-ex girlfriend used to play drums with him for live shows, he was the drummer on his recordings.
You can hear her voice on the "Love is Strange" cover.

There's the heartbreaking part.
Relationships come and go and pass and move through us as we pass and move through life.
But certain smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and feelings put us immediately back.
But we're not back, we're here in the present, those moments are forever behind us.
Those choices made, those forks navigated in one direction or another.

I think the feeling of heartbreak comes when your heart reaches backwards, trying to grasp onto something from your past, while your body stays in the present.
That stretch, it aches.

I try not to fight it, because I can't.
So I let it pass, as all things do.
Sometimes the worst feelings in the world feel like they will last forever.
They won't.
As we bend like little trees, or fall like great old oaks, new things grow around all our choices.
Every moment spent lamenting the past, can instead be a moment spent enjoying the beauty of right now.