Can I tell you this without getting too emotional?

I think it's okay to tell you anything.  
But sometimes either:

A personal-ly thing happens and I'm not sure how many of those to share.
A busines-sy thing happens and…Read more

A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius.

That's a book I read once, what a title.
I was drawn to the audacity of it, and it held up pretty well.

I'd like to point you towards a heartbreaking work, of genius of some sort.

An old friend…Read more

The Saddle.

I'm back in it.
The saddle, that is.

It feels really good, I went almost two whole weeks without seeing Lloyd, usually I don't go more than two waking hours.

We chose a couple matchups to start writing, lined up…Read more

Dr House

Dr House used to be one of the most popular suggestions for ERB.
I never got it.
Truth is I never really watched the show.   I tried once, I must have not been in the right mood,
because a week…Read more

Rapping with Spongebob Squarepants

It's always interesting to see how other people work.
It makes everything real, somehow.

When we went to visit the Spongebob Squarepants office the first time, it was an impressive office, full of bright colored weird things all over the…Read more

Working on Sundays.

I think someone smart said Sundays are for resting.
I don't remember his name, something with a "G"

Sundays, to me, are much better spent doing something.
Right now I am by myself in an editing room with zero people…Read more

A Ghostbusters porno.

I got a 3D television.

It was inspired by a visit to KassemG's house, where I watched a horror film in 3D.

I had never been particularly charmed by the idea of a big fancy TV, in fact I was…Read more

What is it, Thursday?

It is.
It is Thursday.
I know because the gardener comes on Thursdays.   

I have a gardener.
If you don't live in Los Angeles I'm sure that sounds more like a big deal than it is.
Almost everyone in Los…Read more