What The Waves Say

Street Music 5

The Face That I Make [Picture Song]

Bald Guy

Hard To Stay

Itch With A B

Football Is Kinda Dumb [Picture Song]

A Short Little Song About Love

Unicorns Are For Gangstas [Picture Song]

Old Shiny, Awesome [Picture Song]

Funny Pictures Song [Picture Song]

Street Music 4

Really Really Bad Day [Picture Song]

Street Music 3

All I Got [Picture Song]

Superman Socks

Street Music 2

Tru Gangster

Coolest Kid In The World [Picture Song]

White People Make Me Sad [Picture Song]

Japenese People Are Wierd [Picture Song]

50 Cent Is A Pussy

Giant Robot Babies


Douchebag Sandwich [Picture Song]

Nice Peter & Friends

My Best Friend [Picture Song]

Sunflower Song

Somebody To Love (Queen Cover)

Nom Nom Nom Nom Babies [Picture Song]

Heart Boner

Pregnant Chicks With Guns [Picture Song]

Santa Is A Gangsta

Like It's Quidditch (Acoustic Version)

No Homo (Acoustic Version)


Shaycarl & The Shaytards

Best Spot In The Lot

Bang Bus

Street Music

Good Parent [Picture Song]

Put Your Coat On

I Fell Asleep On Her Boobs