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#13 - Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted Commentary  

This week's episode gives a little added context to the first ERB of 2015. We also answer some of your twitter questions and then go off on tangents involving making sounds with our body parts. What did you think of Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted? Let us know in the comments!

Outro Jams: 
Two meandering improv songs. They're rough, but it's how we start to come up with other ideas. 

No Podcast Today 

Sorry, friends. We got overwhelmed, AGAIN, by the rap battles, AGAIN, but it's because we're on our final stretch of shooting and very close to our first upload which means ALL OF THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT ONCE and as we start talking about the things we should be doing in a podcast it dawns on us that, um, we should be probably doing them. 

(deep breaths)

Thank you for your patience. We'll be back soon!

- np + dante

#12 - Rhett & Link Jams  

Ice cream and beeswax are just a few ERB match-ups Rhett & Link discuss on the first half of this week's podcast. The second half is inspired by their Song Biscuits and features Dante and I singing songs about pirates and really old bracelets. Looking forward to your comments!

Check out Rhett and Link's podcast:
Rhett and Link

Check out Dante's music:
Give Me Motion

No Podcast Today 

Hey folks, no podcast today or this week. ERB shoots have been relentless and exhausting to say the least. We should have a podcast for you next week though and there will be some stories to tell!

But if you NEED a podcast this week, may I recommend Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Very in depth and entertaining discussions about famous historical events. 


#10 - Ninja Turtles and Jim Henson  

How are bad movies made? Why can't they all be good? What do Elmo and Bill Cosby have in common? All of these important questions and more are finally answered on this week's podcast. Have your own favorite bad movies? Let us know in the comments!



Outro Song:

Rainbow Connection performed by Nice Peter

from the album Nice Peter Live At Double Door 09/21/2004

available on iTunes

#9 - Writing Emails to Scones 

Communication is key and we've figured out how to talk to people in the work environment. But first: candy, cat poop, and question cards. How do you write your annoying emails? Let us know in the comments!

Outro Music: 
Stand Up by Cockceratops (a Venkman Brothers Production)

Drums - Dante Cimadamore
Vocals - Joey Greer
Guitar - Pete Shukoff

#9 - Writing Emails to Scones
  1. #9 - Writing Emails to Scones
  1. Nice Peter Podcast. Episode 9.