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#12 - Rhett & Link Jams  

Ice cream and beeswax are just a few ERB match-ups Rhett & Link discuss on the first half of this week's podcast. The second half is inspired by their Song Biscuits and features Dante and I singing songs about pirates and really old bracelets. Looking forward to your comments!

Check out Rhett and Link's podcast:
Rhett and Link

Check out Dante's music:
Give Me Motion

#6 - AsKassem Netflix Nazis  

Download podcast here.

Don’t forget you can get better, a little tune from our 4-hour jam, HiImRawn is Ben Franklin of making YouTube videos, and Nazis, AsKassem, and Netflix. How do you get better? Let us know in the comments.

Fruit Loops Jam + Instrumental Outro Jam:
Greg Alexander - piano
Dante (Give Me Motion) - drums
Peter - vocals, acoustic guitar, moog

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